Current Dates

05. - 06. Mar 2018

10. DGGÖ Jahrestagung 2018

Hamburg: Ökonomie und Medizin im Dialog

08. - 10. Mar 2018

EbM-Kongress 2018

Die 19. Jahrestagung des Deutschen Netzwerks Evidenzbasierte Medizin findet unter dem Titel "Brücken bauen - von der Evidenz zum Patientenwohl" vom 8. bis 10. März 2018 in Graz statt.

14. Mar 2018

10. TMF-Jahreskongress

„Digitalisierung in der Medizin – Chancen für Forschung und Versorgung“, Hamburg


Background of
the network

In 2016, the Center for Health Care Research (CHCR) at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf and the University of Hamburg won the BMBF-funding on developing structures in health services research with the help of numerous partners within the Hamburg region. Consequently, the CHCR invites all Hamburg institutions which are involved in health services research to take part at the newly founded Hamburg Network for Health Services Research (HAM-NET).

Aims of
the network

  • Initiating sustainable cooperation
  • Connecting health services research with all relevant stakeholders
  • Creating synergies between research institutions and health services suppliers
  • Promoting research activities
  • Developing new research fields
  • Pooling methodological and clinical expertise
  • Promoting junior researchers

Project activities

ASPIRED is a health services research project led by Dr. Isabelle Scholl and funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research over the period of five years. Project-page ASPIRED

COMET is a health care research project funded by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) that is conducted within the Hamburg network for health care research for a period of three years. Project-page COMET

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